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Revision history for Transit-Network

See https://raku-musings.com/transit-network/changelog.html for a more detailed description.

0.0.4 - 2. january 2022

0.0.3 - 31. December 2021
    - [#001] The vehicle computation used the interval value(s) on the first route, and
             ignored any value given on additional routes. 
    - [#007] Support different intervals for the Up and Down direction of a route (with
             the new «interval-down» and «interval-up» optional arguments).
    - [#008] Changed the «summary» command so that it uses «raw» mode automatically,
             instead of complaining, when the normal mode would not work (interval >=
	     60 minutes).
    - [#009] Removed the optional arguments «up», «down» and «interval*» for the
             «route append» command. Specify them at «route set».
    - [#010] Added support for multiple lines in the Network Setup file, by using an
             \ as the last character on the first line.
    - [#011] Changed the «timingpoints» and «tp» commands so that they support multiple
             «:merge» arguments.
    - [#012] Using a nonexisting route ID and direction in the vehicle definition file
             will now give an error, and not cause a runtime error.
    - [#013] Addeded a new article «60 Minutes», describing the importance of this value
             in intervals.
0.0.2 - 19. December 2021
    - [#002] Fixed broken 'help' command [David Santiago]
    - [#003] Added support for days in "dehourify"
    - [#004] Moved all the helper functions to a new support module "Transit::Network::Helpers",
             and added unit testing of them
    - [#005] Fixed broken vehicle output, introduced just before the release of version 0.0.1
    - [#006] Added the «Changelog» and «Roadmap» articles to the online documentation.

0.0.1 - 15. December 2021
    - Initial version.