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Cache::Dir - A simple key-value store using the filesystem.


use Cache::Dir;
my $cache = Cache::Dir.new: dir => $*HOME.child('.cache');

$cache.get-cached: 'answer', 42;
$catch.get-cached: 'question', { "why?" };
$cache.exists: 'answer';          # true
$cache.get: 'answer';             # 42
$cache.remove: 'answer';
$cache.get('question');           # why?


This module provides simple key-value storage using the filesytem.

Each key is stored in a separate file. The filename is a SHA1 of the key. If the key not a string or numeric, then it is serialized using .raku before taking the sha.

Serialization of the value is done using .raku and deserialization is done using .EVAL.

Storage is done with atomic write-and-rename, so depends on a filesystem that has those semantics. The age of the key is also filesytem dependent.

Note that the key is not stored, so there's no way to get a list of keys. However it is possible to get a list of "entries", which are objects that include their age, storage path, and value (see Cache::Dir::Entry below).


method get-cached

method get-cached($key, $val) returns Mu
method get-cached($key, &v) returns Mu

Return a value if it has been stored, or store the provided value. If the value is a routine, it is called.

method get

method get($key) returns Mu
method get($key, $val) returns Mu
method get($key, &v) returns Mu

Get a value with a provided default (but don't store).

method store

method store($key, $value) returns Mu
method store($key, &v) returns Mu

Store a value for a key. If the value is a routine, the result of calling it is stored.

method remove

method remove($key) returns Mu

Remove a key from the cache.

method exists

method exists($key) returns Bool

Check if a key exists in the cache.

method age-seconds

method age-seconds($key) returns Int

Return the number of seconds since the key was last modified.

method flush

method flush returns Mu

Remove all entries from the cache.

method get-entries

method get-entries returns Array

Return a list of Cache::Dir::Entry objects, which can be used to inspect and remove individual entries.


method clear

method clear returns Mu

Remove the entry from the cache.

method value

method value returns Mu

Return the value of the entry.

method age-seconds

method age-seconds returns Int

Return the number of seconds since the entry was last modified.

method modified

method modified returns DateTime

Return the last modified time of the entry.


Brian Duggan