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Duckie - A wrapper and native bindings for DuckDB


use Duckie;
Duckie.new.query('select name from META6.json').rows[0]
# {name => Duckie}

my $db = Duckie.new;
say $db.query("select 1 as the_loneliest_number").column-data(0);
# [1]

with $db.query("select 1 as the_loneliest_number") -> $result {
  say $result.column-data('the_loneliest_number'); # [1]
} else {
  # Errors are soft failures
  say "Failed to run query: $_";

# DuckDB can query or import data from CSV or JSON files, HTTP URLs,
# PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite databases and more.
my @cols = $db.query('select * from data.csv').columns;
my @rows = $db.query('select * from data.json').rows;

$db.query: q[ attach 'postgres://secret:pw@localhost/dbname' as pg (type postgres)]
$res = $db.query: "select * from pg.my_table"

$db.query("install httpfs");
$db.query("load httpfs");
$res = $db.query: "select * from 'http://example.com/data.csv'";

# Joins between different types are also possible.
$res = $db.query: q:to/SQL/
select *
from pg.my_table one
inner join 'http://example.com/data.csv' csv_data on one.id = csv_data.id
inner join 'data.json' json_data on one.id = json_data.id


This module provides Raku bindings for DuckDB. DuckDB is a "fast in-process analytical database". It provides an SQL interface for a variety of data sources. Result sets are column-oriented, with a rich set of types that are either inferred, preserved, or explicitly defined. Duckie also provides a row-oriented API.

This module provides two sets of classes.


method new

method new(
  :$file = ':memory:'
) returns Duckie

Create a new Duckie object. The optional :file parameter specifies the path to a file to use as a database. If not specified, an in-memory database is used. The database is opened and connected to when the object is created.

method query

method query(
    Str $sql
) returns Duckie::Result

Run a query and return a result. If the query fails, a soft failure is thrown.

method DESTROY

method DESTROY() returns Mu

Close the database connection and free resources.



Set DUCKIE_DEBUG to a true value to enable logging to STDERR.


Brian Duggan