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DB - Base roles for DB::* family of SQL Database Access Modules

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This module abstracts out some shared functionality from a set of concrete modules for performing database access.

You can't actually do anything directly with these. The documentation here will only be useful if you want to understand the internals of the DB modules, or implement your own similar DB::* module.


DB holds a cache of database connections.

.connect(--> DB::Connection) - virtual, create a new connection

.db(--> DB::Connection) - Returns a cached connection

.cache(DB::Connection:D $db) - Returns a connection to the cache

.query() - Allocates a connection, calls .query, then returns the connection.

.execute() - Allocates a connection, calls .execute, then returns the connection.

.finish() - For each cached connection, call .DESTROY


A single active database connection. It also implements functionality for a statement cache per connection, so you don't have to remember which statement was prepared, just call it again.

.ping(--> Bool) - test if a connection is still active/viable, to be overridden if possible.

.free() - free the connection, don't make a DESTROY(), make this instead, to be overridden.

.clear-cache() - Call .DESTROY() for each cached Statement.

.finish() - Return connection to the main object's cache.

.prepare-nocache(Str:D $query --> DB::Statement) - virtual, prepare the query as a statement.

.prepare(Str:D $query --> DB::Statement) - Return a cached statement, or call .prepare-nocache.

.execute(Str:D $command, Bool :$finish, |args) - virtual method to execute a command. The $finish argument says to call .finish when the execute is finished.

.query(Str:D $query, Bool :$finish, |args) - prepare, then execute the query

.begin, .commit, .rollback - shortcuts

.DESTROY() - .clear-cache and .free


A prepared statement, ready to execute.

.free() - Free all resources

.execute() - virtual method

.finish() - Call the .finish on the owning Connection

.DESTROY() - Just call .free


This gets returned with results of a query. It holds the Statement, and relays the finish back up to the Statement to the Database.

.free() - Free any resources, to be overridden if needed

.finish() - call .free, then call .finish on the Statement that returned these results.

.row() - virtual, return the next row of results

.names() - virtual, return the string labels for the columns in the results, used to construct Hashes.

.keys() - Cache for .names so we only call it once.

.value, .array, .hash, .arrays, .hashes - Return results, then .finish

.DESTROY() - just call .free


Inspiration taken from the existing Perl6 DBIish module as well as the Perl 5 Mojo::Pg from the Mojolicious project.