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Point - Point class


This is a simple immutable Point class for Raku (née Perl 6). It's implementation is loosely based on Tuple but is restricted to only accepting 2 Real numbers: an x and a y.

Internally, the values are stored as native num's for speed, as well as allowing for decimal values, also useful when calculating the Euclidean distance (with the usual floating-point precision caveats).

Like Tuple, the Point is a value type, so Point objects will behave inside data structures such as Set.

use Point; # exports a 'point' sub

my $p = point(1,  1);
my $q = point(2, -3);

# addition between points returns a new point
say $p + $q;  # (3, -2)

# point values will behave inside a Set
say set($p, $p, $q);  # set((1, 1) (2, -3))

# maybe these subs will be included with the module in future?

sub cityblock-distance($p, $q = point(0, 0)) {
    abs($p.x + $q.x) + abs($p.y + $q.y)

sub euclidean-distance($p, $q = point(0, 0)) {
    (($p.x - $q.x)² + ($p.y - $q.y)²) ** 0.5

say cityblock-distance($p, $q);  # 5 
say euclidean-distance($p, $q);  # 4.123105625617661 


A Point object is not a List. It cannot be directly indexed into; just use the .x and .y methods. It will try to stay in item context most of the time. However if you need to can call .list on it to get the values as a list, or any other method that indirectly calls .list, eg.

my @p = |$p;
say @p.raku;  # [1e0, 1e0]


The Artistic License 2.0

See LICENSE file in the repository for the full license text.