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Revision history for Readline

0.1.6 2020-09-12T15:20:00+0:00

0.1.5  2019-02-25T09:49:54+09:00

    - Pull request from the 'net

0.1.4  2018-07-15T08:02:22-06:00
    - Fix for Darwin, refactor code, update documentation to reflect reality

0.1.3  2018-07-11T19:14:48-06:00
    - Track OpenBSD ereadline version

0.1.2  2018-07-10T17:19:17-06:00
    - Check library versions on Linux, add ereadline for OBSD

0.1.1  2018-07-10T17:13:34-06:00
    - Initial version