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Revision history for io_uring

0.2.0  2021-04-10T12:25:40-07:00
    - Bump minimum Linux kernel version to v5.6 for IORING_OP_CLOSE
    - Fix incorrect io_uring struct definitions to fix crashes
    - Switch from single management thread to multi-threaded submission
        for massive speed increase
    - Allow use of existing IO::URing objects when creating sockets
    - Better clarity on method names:
      - close closes the ring
      - close-fd closes a file descriptor using IORING_OP_CLOSE

0.1.0  2021-02-21T15:53:59-08:00
    - Better use of msghdr in sendmsg and recvmsg.
    - Fix multiple issues with UNIX datagram sockets:
        Datagram parameter for Supply
        Incorrect sockaddr type sockaddr_in was changed to sockaddr_un in UNIX sockets.
    - Add Log::Timeline support for IO::URing.
    - Fix bugs in low-level socket code.
    - Update documentation and method calls for recvmsg and sendto

0.0.3  2021-02-15T11:20:28-08:00
    - Fix a bug where return types were not coerced properly.

0.0.2  2021-02-14T19:05:03-08:00
    - Fix missing build file

0.0.1  2021-02-14T16:48:48-08:00
    - Initial version
    - Currently supports INET, INET6 and UNIX sockets