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v1.0.0	2020-04-07

    * COMPATIBILITY BREAKING: Previously, this class has accepted named
      arguments as hash items to add to the array-hash or multi-hash. However,
      this is not Raku-ish. From now on, elements must be added via positional
      arguments. If the arguments are Pairs, the Pairs will be added directly.
      If the items are not Pairs, they should be provided as an evenly numbered
      list of items that will be made into Pairs. A similar change has been made
      for all methods, such as .push. See documentation for details.
    * COMPATIBILITY BREAKING: (Maybe.) Some methods which previously returns
      List now return Seq, e.g., values, keys, kv, etc.
    * COMPATIBILITY BREAKING: Previously it was possible to bind scalar
      containers during construction. This is no longer the case. Binding scalar
      values can only be performed through bind assignments to hash keys or
      array indexes. This better matches the behavior of Array and Hash.
    * COMPATIBILITY BREAKING: Deleting hash keys used to remove pairs from the
      array. This now behaves similar to deletion of an Array index, which
      replaces the array index with a Pair type object unless it is the last
      item, in which case the array shrinks by one. (This is implemented using
      @array[]:delete, so the behavior should have similar nuances to Raku
    * Methods that are both hashish and arrayish may have a :array/:hash adverb
      selector to allow you to choose which version of the method to use. The
      default is usually :hash if not specified.
    * Added the prepend method.
    * Added the Array and Hash coercion methods.
    * Added the join method.
    * Added the map method.
    * Added the grep method.
    * Added the first method.
    * Added the head method.
    * Added the tail method.
    * Added the sort method.
    * Added the produce method.
    * Removed the shape method.
    * Removed some delegated methods for methods that haven't existed in Perl 6
      for several years, including lol, flattens, and Parcel.
    * Bugfix: If multi-hash('a' => 1, 'a' => 2).[0]:delete occured, the hash
      side of the multi-hash would no longer mirror the state of the array side.
      This then triggered a post-condition failure.

v0.4.1	2019-03-12

    * Bugfix: Fix broken initial state for multi-hash tests. 

v0.4	2018-11-11

    * Fix location of use v6 for v6.d. :(

v0.3    2018-04-24

    * Released to CPAN.