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The uploading author of cpan:HANENKAMP does not match the META author of github:zostay.


v0.5.2	2019-01-05

    * Performance Improvement #14: Special thanks to @apapas for speading up
      attribute parsing.

v0.5.1	2018-11-11

    * Fix location of use v6 for v6.d. :(

v0.5.0	2018-10-26

    * Updated POD to reflect the maturing nature of this library.
    * Bugfix #12: There was a `to-json` subroutine being exported that was not
      documented and non-functional. It has been removed.


    * Bugfix #10 and rakudo/rakudo#2053: Remove PRE that was causing thread
      safety issues. Probably a bug in rakudo, but fixing it here until it can
      be fixed there since the fix is small and simple.


    * Released to CPAN.
    * Bugfix #5: Previously, the node classes defined in DOM::Tiny::HTML
      were exported by DOM::Tiny. This is no longer the case, to avoid naming
      conflicts with other modules. [HT: zoffixznet]
    * Bugfix: The text attribute of text nodes was intended to be rw, but
      attempts to write always failed previously.
    * Bugfix: The trimmable attribute was accessed in a way that could result in
      exceptions when it should not. This has been corrected.
    * If you request the :short export group when importing DOM::Tiny, the
      old export behavior is provided.
    * Adding a todo test for a case where a node becomes immutable when it
      should not, but have not been able to resolve the issue yet.


    * Bugfix #4: The grammar used .subst() while using a readonly $/ as argument
      to the action class. *grumble grumble*

    * Fix the license.


    * Fix bugs that cropped up with newer versions of Rakudo related to parsing
      and the fact that many more methods now return Seq and need extra help to
      make sure they don't break because of how Seq is optimized.


    * Slightly more permissive acceptance of stringifiable values being sent to
      some modification methods.


    * Fix the deep-clone method for extensibility.


    * Added the deep-clone method.


    * Removed internal references to DOM::Tiny to allow easier subclassing and
    * Fixed problems with META6.json


    * Initial release.