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v0.9.0	2019-12-29

    * Merged #20: Handle multiple separators as a single separator.

v0.8.1	2019-07-13

    * Merged #14: Remove deprecated flatmap method call. (HT: @Leont)
    * Merged #11: Some improvements to documentation. (HT: @JJ)

v0.8.0	2019-07-13

    * Fix #17: The new absolute file handling fixed in the previous version
      worked fine for Unix-ish systems, but not systems that place volume names
      in front of the root path (broke Windows at least).
    * Fix #7: Tests have been revised to work on windows and the main repo is
      now automatically tested against Windows using AppVeyor. (HT: @zoffixznet)

v0.7.0	2019-07-12

    * Fix #15: Globbing absolute globs works, but only if you pair it with an
      absolute dir path. Also fixes relative globs used on an absolute dir path.
      Using an absolute glob with a relative dir is an exception. (HT: @0racle)

v0.6	2018-11-11

    * Fix location of use v6 for v6.d. :(

v0.5    July 4, 2018

    * Fix #12: Searches for items like some/*/*/foo.json failed on the first
      non-directory encountered. This probably also failed on several other
      similar deep searches.
    * Dir handling did not do a good job of avoiding ".." and "." in matches
      where should have.
    * Corrected documentation errors in the POD

v0.4    April 25, 2018

    * When an alternate sequence is given, the ordering of the alternates should
      now be respected, but only if you use the dir method or iterate over the
      glob object directly (because the other methods depend on ACCEPTS and
      ACCEPTS provides no means of adding order, just truthiness of a match).
    * Releasing to CPAN.

v0.3    December 11, 2016

    * Fix #4: The API of IO::Path changed, breaking tests. Better
      checks to make sure we stringify the filename prior to using it in both
    * PR #5: Updated a spot in the docs making a similar fix to make sure to
      stringify explicitly to get the filename back. (HT: @JJ)
v0.2    August 30, 2016

    * Fix: Some patterns did not work. Collecting char-match terms together
      fixes the problem.
    * Fix: Sort directory results when testing because .dir order is not
      guaranteed. (HT: ppentchev)

v0.1    February 10, 2016

    * Initial release.