Rand Stats


v0.5.1	2020-03-25

    * Bugfix: Fix broken test because IO::String is broken.

v0.5.0	2019-03-01

    * Added a new path-for candidate which accepts a single hash value.
    * Bugfix: path-for was broken when mapping values were set to Nil. This has
      been corrected.

v0.4.0	2019-01-21

    * Added conditions to routes, which can be used to only allow routes to be
      available when certain conditions apply.
    * Added context to .match and .path-for methods for matching against
    * Revised the documentation a bit more, fixing more corrections needed form
      the Perl 5 to Perl 6 port that I'd overlooked previously.

v0.3.0	2019-01-12

    * COMPATIBILITY BREAKING: Prior to this revision, .add-route(...) allowed
      the options part of the argument to be specified as a list of pairs rather
      than always as a hash. This was a mistake. The second argument, regardless
      of whether it is passed using the two argument multi or as a list of
      pairs, the options must always be passed as a hash.
    * COMPATIBILITY BREAKING: The X::Path::Router::BadRoute exception has been
      renamed to X::Path::Router::BadValidation, which inherits from
    * DEPRECATION: .uri-for() is now deprecated. Use .path-for() instead.
    * Much improved documentation. Still could use more TLC.
    * Add support for UInt coercion in validation.
    * Adding support for slurpy parameters using * and +.
    * A new X::Path::Router::BadSlurpy exception has been added.
    * Should be slightly more robust and the internals use better idiomatic
      Perl 6. The original code having been one of the first Perl 6 modules I
      wrote, with most of the work pre-dating the release of 6.c.

v0.2	2018-11-11

    * Fix location of use v6 for v6.d. :(


    * Initial release.