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Scalar::History - A personal history for any scalar


This module implements the history variable pattern, that is variables which store not only their current value, but also the values they have contained in the past.

You can make a history variable by calling the create function and bind (not assign) it to a scalar. All assignments to the variable will be stored in a history and can be fetched at any point in your program.


use Scalar::History;

# This adds a history to $abc
my $abc := Scalar::History.create("a");

# We can now assign new values
$abc = "b";
$abc = "d";

# At any point we can ask for past values, here: ("a", "b")

# Oh my, we forgot "c", we must rewind
$abc.VAR.rewind-history( 1 );

# So the current value is now "b" again

# rewinding only moves a pointer and you can
# call `forward-history($steps)` to move into the
# other (future) direction, no values get deleted.

# But when we ask for the history we only get
# historic values up to the current value, here ("a")

# You can specify the :all adverb to get all historic
# values, regardless. Here ("a", "b")
say $abc.VAR.get-history( :all );

# Notice there is no "d" in the history, it is here:
say $abc.VAR.latest-value;

# When assigning in a rewound state however, 
# everything after the rewind point gets forgotten

$abc = "c";
$abc = "d";
$abc = "e";

$abc.say;                      # "e"
$abc.VAR.get-history.say;      # ("a", "b", "c", "d")

# You can enforce a type by passing it into `create`
my Int $int := Scalar::History.create(1, Int);

# The history variables behave just like normal ones

# You can pass it to functions, but you need to use the `is raw`
# in order to not lose the magic
sub count-to-ten (Int $n is raw)
    return-rw $n if $n == 10;
    return-rw count-to-ten( $n );

# Also, don't forget to bind the return value
my $new := count-to-ten($int);

$new.say;                      # 10
$new.VAR.get-history.say;      # (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)


$ zef install Scalar::History


If you want to make sure, you forward to the last known value, or rewind to the very first, you can call the respective methods using Inf as argument.

    $history.VAR.rewind-history( Inf );