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Algorithm::SkewHeap - a mergable min heap




use Algorithm::SkewHeap;

my $heap = Algorithm::SkewHeap.new;

for (1 .. 1000).pick(1000) -> $n {

until $heap.is-empty {
  my $n = $heap.take;



A skew heap is a type of heap based on a binary tree in which all operations are based on merging subtrees, making it possible to quickly combine multiple heaps, while still retaining speed and efficiency. Ammortized performance is O(log n) or better (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skew_heap).


Items in the heap are returned with the lowest first. Comparisons are done with the greater than operator, which may be overloaded as needed for types intended to be used in the heap.

class Algorithm::SkewHeap

SkewHeap class

method size

method size() returns Int

Returns the number of items in the heap

method is-empty

method is-empty() returns Bool

Returns true when the heap is empty

method top

method top() returns Any

Returns the top item in the heap without removing it.

method take

method take() returns Any

Removes and returns the top item in the heap.

method put

method put(
) returns Int

Adds a new item to the heap. Returns the new size of the heap.

method merge

method merge(
    Algorithm::SkewHeap $other
) returns Int

Destructively merges with another heap. The other heap should be considered unusable afterward. Returns the new size of the heap.

method explain

method explain() returns Nil

Prints the structure of the heap for debugging purposes.