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Revision history for Date-Calendar-FrenchRevolutionary

0.0.5, released on Tridi 23 Floréal CCXXVIII, jour de la Bourrache (or Monday 11 May 2020)
    - Fix a bug about the feasts in Floréal.
    - More documentation, more designer's notes.
    - Do not declare a class when a simple module would be enough (D::C::FR::Names).

0.0.4, released on Sextidi 16 Ventôse CCXXVIII, jour des épinards (or Thursday 5 March 2020)
    - The Github repository is renamed with a "raku-" prefix
    - More tests.
    - Private methods when appropriate
    - Accessors related to the "décades" and strftime specifiers %V and %u

0.0.3, released on Octidi 18 Brumaire CCXXVII, jour de la Dentelaire (or 220th anniversary of Bonaparte's coup, or Friday 8th November 2019)
    - Fixed some mistakes in POD
    - checking the ranges of the parameters to new
    - the astronomical version is based on "calendar.l" (Calendrical Calculations 4th Edition)
    - add the Strftime role enabling the strftime method

0.0.2, released on Quartidi 4 Thermidor CCXXVII, jour de l'ivraie (or Monday, 22th July 2019)
    - Fixed some mistakes in META6.json, Changes, etc.
    - add feasts
    - enhance the "to-date" method to create a date from any target class
    - improve documentation

0.0.1, released on Sextidi 26 Messidor CCXXVII, jour de la Sauge (or Sunday, 14th July 2019)
    - Initial version