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Revision history for HTTP-Tiny

0.1.6  2021-01-02T11:42:22Z

    - Fixed an issue in 'mirror' when setting last-modified
      months, which would cause an exception if the date was in
      January. (jraspass++)

0.1.5  2020-11-30T23:45:26Z

    - Added a note on the documentation that mirror will not
      create the parent directories leading to the target file.
      The user must make sure the path exists before calling.
    - Using mirror with the `throw-exceptions` flag enabled no
      longer throws an error on 304 responses.

0.1.4  2020-11-28T11:05:23Z

    - Add --version to rakurl to print package and compiler
      version, as well as supported protocols

0.1.3  2020-11-27T21:35:48Z

    - Fix an issue with the rakurl utility which made it unable
      to set multiple headers from the command line
    - When using --user in rakurl, use Terminal::Getpass to
      avoid displaying user input if possible. Falls back to
      built-in `prompt` with a notice about the password being

0.1.2  2020-11-18T21:31:18Z

    - Do not read more than the specified content-length
      when reading responses. This issue could hang when using
      persistent connections, introduced in 0.1.1

0.1.1  2020-11-08T14:50:41Z

    - Support persistent connections by default
    - Generate User-Agent string from class name for better
      subclass support (jraspass++)

0.1.0  2020-11-01T17:51:59Z

    - Decode headers as ISO-8859-1 instead of ASCII to prevent
      exceptions on UTF-8 header values.

0.0.1  2020-10-28T23:47:09Z
    - Initial version