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Raku module to retrieve a file from the internet by the best available method

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use URI::FetchFile; if fetch-uri('http://rakudo.org/downloads/star/rakudo-star-2016.10.tar.gz', 'rakudo-star-2016.10.tar.gz') { # do something with the file } else { die "couldn't get file"; }


This provides a simple method of retrieving a single file via HTTP using the best available method whilst trying to limit the dependencies.

It is intended to be used by installers or builders that may need to retrieve a file but otherwise have no need for an HTTP client.

It will try to use the first available method from:

* HTTP::UserAgent

* LWP::Simple

* curl

* wget

Please feel free to suggest and/or implement other mechanisms.


Assuming you have a working installation of Rakudo you can install this using zef :

zef install URI::FetchFile

Other mechanisms may become available in the future.


Please make any reports, suggestions etc to Github

Licence and Copyright

This is free software please see the the LICENCE file for details.

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