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This should work anyplace File::Spec can split directories, which 
should be anywhere Perl runs.

This may not do much good on Windows: the crazy directory structure 
common to Windows systems do not seem very amenable to using 
$FindBin::Bin as the starting point for locating libraries.

Anyone with access to VMS warn me if this works at all -- through 
judicious use of virtual devices should make it useful.

The pod describes using the module in a few situations, any 
suggestions appreciated. In particular, I toyed with several ways of 
passing in switches. The one used here was chosen because it supports 
qw( ... ) syntax with optional parameters (e.g., qw(export) and 

Versions of the module support Perl v5.8 - v5.13, v5.14 - v5.27,
and v5.28+. The 5.8-10 and v.14-28 versions are unmaintained 
other than the tests which are common to all versions.


    perl Makefile.PL;
    make all test install;
    perldoc FindBin::libs;

also see the examples for come common use cases.

Zei gesund