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From the Gnome documentation;

GIO is striving to provide a modern, easy-to-use VFS API that sits at the right level in the library stack, as well as other generally useful APIs for desktop applications (such as networking and D-Bus support). The goal is to overcome the shortcomings of GnomeVFS and provide an API that is so good that developers prefer it over raw POSIX calls. Among other things that means using GObject. It also means not cloning the POSIX API, but providing higher-level, document-centric interfaces.

That being said, the Raku implementation is not implementing all of it, only those parts interesting to the other packages like application, resource and settings handling or DBus I/O.

Note that all modules are now in :api<1>. This is done to prevent clashes with future distributions having the same class names only differing in this api string. So, add this string to your import statements and dependency modules of these classes in META6.json. Furthermore add this api string also when installing with zef.


use Gnome::Gtk3::Main:api<1>;
use Gnome::Gtk3::Window:api<1>;
use Gnome::Gtk3::Grid:api<1>;
use Gnome::Gtk3::Button:api<1>;

my Gnome::Gtk3::Main $m .= new;
… etcetera …



Do not install this package on its own. Instead install Gnome::Gtk3:api<1>.

zef install 'Gnome::Gtk3:api<1>'


Name: Marcel Timmerman Github account name: MARTIMM


There are always some problems! If you find one please help by filing an issue at my Gnome::Gtk3 github project.