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Sparrow is a Raku based automation framework. It's written on Raku and has Raku API.

Who might want to use Sparrow? People dealing with daily tasks varying from servers software installations/configurations to cloud resources creation.

Sparrow could be thought as an alternative to existing configuration management and provisioning tools like Ansible or Chef, however Sparrow is much broader and not limited to configuration management only.

It could be seen as a generic automation framework enabling an end user quick and effective script development easing some typical challenges along the road - such as scripts configurations, code reuse and testing.

Sparrow Essential Features


zef install Sparrow6

Build Status

Build Status

Supported languages

You can write underlying Sparrow tasks using following languages:

All the languages have a unified Sparrow API easing script development, see Sparrow development guide.


Sparrow Development Guide

Check out documentation/development guide on how to develop Sparrow tasks using Sparrow compatible languages.

Raku API

Sparrow Raku API allows to run Sparrow tasks as Raku functions. One can use task-run function to run arbitrary Sparrow plugins or tasks. Or choose Sparrow DSL to call a subset of Raku functions designed for most popular automation tasks.

Task Run

Sparrow provides Raku API to run Sparrow tasks as functions:

task-run "run my build", "vsts-build", %(
  definition => "JavaApp"

Read more about Sparrow task runner at documentation/taskrunner.

Sparrow DSL

Sparrow DSL allows one to run Sparrow tasks using even better Raku functions shortcuts. In comparison with task-run function, DSL provides input parameters validation and dedicated function names. DSL is limited to a certain subset of Sparrow plugins:


package-install "nginx";

service-restart "nginx";

bash "echo Hello World";

See a full list of DSL functions here - documentation/dsl.


Sparrow plugins are distributable scripts written on Sparrow compatible languages.

One could run plugins as Raku functions using Raku API or as command line utilities.

Check out documentation/plugins for details.


Sparrow repositories store distributable Sparrow tasks packaged as plugins.

See documentation/repository.


Sparrow provides a handy command line interface to run Sparrow tasks as command line.

Enter s6 - Sparrow command line client and plugin manager.

You use s6 to install, configure and run tasks as well as uploading tasks to repositories.

Check documentation/s6 for details.

Sparrow modules

Sparrow modules allow to write portable Sparrow scenarios distributed as Raku modules, read more about it in documentation/modules.

Testing API

Sparrow provides it's way to write tests for tasks, making it is easy not only create scripts, but write tests for your script codebase.

Task Checks

Task checks is regexp based DSL to verify structured and unstructured text.

It allows to write embedded tests for user scripts verifying scripts output.

With task checks it's easy to develop scripts in TDD way or create black box testing test suites. See, for example, Tomty framework.

Read more about task checks at documentation/taskchecks.


METEN - is a Minimalist Embedded Testing Engine. You can "embed" test into task source code and conditionally run them.

The method is not of much use in favor of task checks approach.

Check out documentation/m10 for details.

Environment variables

Sparrow is configurable though some environment variables.

Check out documentation/envvars documentation.

Sparrow eco system

Sparrow eco system encompasses various tools and subsystems. Choose the one you need. All the tools are powered by Sparrow engine.


Sparrow based configuration management tool.

Visit Sparrowdo GH project for details.


Task runner and workflow management tool.

Visit Tomtit GH project for details.


Tomty is a Sparrow based test framework.

Visit Tomty GH project for details.


Run Sparrow tasks in asynchronously and remotely.

Visit Sparky GH project for details.

Internal APIs

This section contains links to some internal APIs, which are mostly of interest for Sparrow developers:


Sparrow is not yet (fully) implemented, see Roadmap to check a status.


See .tomty/ folder.


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