Rand Stats


0.5.0 19 March 2021

    * Don't use >>.grep if .grep is enough

0.4.0 27 Juune 2020

    * Add support for adding lists and sequences of files in one go.

    * first stab at a CALL-ME

0.2.0 10 March 2019

    * Drop support for in-memory zip files.
      IO::Blob doesn't allow seekable writing to a blob at the moment.
      Can reinstate when IO::Blob gets seek support.

    * Drop use of "pack" - use buf8, write-uint16/32 instead

    * Add version data to the .pm6 files

    * Include 2018.12 in .travis.yml

    * More tests

    * Set Language encoding bit when filename/comment not 7-bit ascii


    * Checkpoint release to CPAN

    * Dropped "use v6"