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Reaper::Control - An OSC controller interface for Reaper


use Reaper::Control;

# Start listening for UDP messages from sent from Reaper.
my $listener = reaper-listener(:host<>, :port(9000));

# Respond to events from Reaper:
react whenever $listener.reaper-events {
    when Reaper::Control::Event::Play {
        put 'Playing'
    when Reaper::Control::Event::Stop {
        put 'stopped'
    when Reaper::Control::Event::PlayTime {
        put "seconds: { .seconds }\nsamples: { .samples }\nbeats: { .beats }"
    when Reaper::Control::Event::Mixer {
        put "levels: ", join ',', .master.vu, .tracks.map( *.vu ).Slip
    when Reaper::Control::Event::Unhandled {


Reaper::Control is an OSC controller interface for Reaper, a digital audio workstation. Current features are limited and relate to listening for play/stop, playback position and mixer levels but there is a lot more which can be added in the future.

To start listening call the reaper-listener subroutine, you can then obtain a Supply of events from the listener's .reaper-events method. All events emitted from the supply are subclasses of the Reaper::Control::Event role. Messages not handled by the default message handler are emitted as Reaper::Control::Unhandled objects, their contents can be accessed in the message attribute.

To skip the default message handler you may instead tap the lister's .reaper-raw method. This supply emits Net::OSC::Bundle objects, see the Net::OSC module for more on this object.


Sam Gillespie samgwise@gmail.com


Copyright 2018 Sam Gillespie

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.

sub reaper-listener

sub reaper-listener(
    Str :$host,
    Int :$port,
    Str :$protocol = "UDP"
) returns Reaper::Control::Listener

Create a Listener object which encapsulates message parsing and event parsing. The protocol argument currently only accepts UDP. Use the reaper-events method to obtain a Supply of events received, by the Listener, from Reaper.


This class bundles up a series of tapped supplies which define a listener workflow. To construct a new listener call the listener-udp method to initialise a UDP listener workflow.


Base class for all reaper events. No functionality here, just an empty class.


An abstract class defining the methods of Play and Stop classes. Use this type if you need to accept either Play or Stop objects.


The Play version of the PlayState role. This object is emitted when playback is started.


The Stop version of the PlayState role. This object is emitted when playback is stopped.


This message bundles up elapsed seconds, elapsed samples and a string of the current beat position.


This message bundles up audio levels from the mixer.


This message bundles up audio level information from the mixer. Master level is held in the master attribute and tracks are stored in the tracks attribute.


A generic wrapper for messages not handled by the core interface