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Revision history for Pod-To-Markdown

0.2.1  2021-04-04T22:28:46-04:00
    - Handle =defn (Pod::Defn) content (Issue #24)

0.2.0  2021-04-04T17:40:52-04:00
    - Convert E<...> entities to HTML inside table cells (Issue #26)
    - It's Raku, not Perl 6.

0.1.4  2018-11-14T13:46:53-05:00
    - Format private class attributes with $! not $.
    - Add 'multi' to Callable descriptions
    - Strip '#' from link fragments (Issue #16)

0.1.3  2017-12-05T15:34:25-07:00
    - Handle formatting codes in fenced code blocks (Bug #13)
    - Add a final newline to pod2markdown() output
    - Eliminate warning when processing =comment blocks (Bug #14)
    - Various code cleanups

0.1.2  2017-12-03T01:20:03-07:00
    - Use Pod::To::HTML for formatting tables

0.1.1  2017-05-24T22:22:52-07:00
    - Add support for properly escaping  backticks inside `C`

0.1.0  2017-05-24T21:23:34-07:00
    - Add support for :no-fenced-codeblocks argument inside of sub and method signatures
    - Add support for nested bullet points
    - Use ```lang``` for code blocks if lang is set in the config of the code block
    - Various bugfixes related to rakudo changes