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A Raku module to create or use Excel xlsx files

[Note this module replaces the short-lived module Excel::Text::Template.]

The module can:



This module provides the capability of using Excel and text templates to generate Excel files. It is a WIP and has little working code at the moment. If you are interested in the concept, please star the project, follow it, and file a feature request issue.

Currently working code is in the "dev" directory.

The project uses several Perl modules which will have to be installed for the distro to work (I use cpanm for that):


This project started when I was trying to automate creating forms for my tax return. I have a need to generate multiple workbooks, one worksheet per workbook, from a template, and am designing my own format for that purpose. I will use the Raku language to parse the text-file template, then, with the aid of the Raku module Inline::Perl5, I will read my xlsx data files with one of the Perl xlsx readers and then use this module to write new, filtered files in the form of the template.

I am just starting, but I'm looking at a template format something like this, one line per row, cells separated by pipes (|), key/value attribute pairs (using a syntax similar to Rakus Pairs) following the cell content:

# This is a comment. The following row describes one xlsx row with four columns (the
# first column being empty) and it has an ending comment.
# Comments are stripped to the end-of-line eol before parsing the row.

| some text | 5.26 | :formula<some formula> :color<red> :width(2) # comment...

# Empty rows are ignored, the worksheet will have all rows padded with empty cells
# to the maximum number of cells found on any row

# Another comment and more rows following
|  # this is a row with two empty cells


Many thanks to all the Perl authors whose modules I've used over the last 25+ years, including all the well-known luminaries Larry Wall and Damian Conway. But the workhorse modules I used most heavily over 15 years in my civilian career were those by John McNamara, the most recent incarnation of his great Excel modules being Excel::Writer::XLSX.

Of course I couldn't use John's work without the excellent Raku module Inline::Perl5 whose original author is Stefan Seifert.


Tom Browder, <tom.browder@gmail.com> (tbrowder on IRC #raku)


Copyright (c) 2020 Tom Browder, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it or modify it under the same terms as Raku itself.

See that license here.