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Mi6::Helper - An aid for converting Raku modules to use App::Mi6


This module installs a Raku executable named mi6-helper which is designed to inspect an existing Git repository of a Raku module to help convert it to one that uses the App::Mi6 module.

$ mi6-helper <raku-module-repo-name>

The raku-module-repo-name may be a . if you are working in the repository directory.


The executable program exists but has no useful operation yet other than a quick inspection and limited reporting. See the following section for the design features planned.


What am I trying to accomplish?

- Convert an existing module to use App::Mi6

- Process in order

sub check-git
  - ensure there is a .git file
    - throw if not

  - check if needing a commit
    - throw if not

  # From this point, all changes to existing files should
  # protected by Git and new files will listed as untracked.
  # If the user fails to add the files or commit them,
  # mi6 will cath the errors upon build or release.

sub get-mod-name
  - determine the base module name
    - check any dist.ini file
    - check the META6.json file
    - throw if not found or there are conflicts

sub get-mod-type
  - determine whether it's a module or a class (affects the type
    of load test)

sub check-mi6-files
  - check for missing files required by mi6
    - write my version
  - remove the dummy test created by mi6, if any

sub check-my-std-test-files
  - check for and create missing standard
    tests I use
    - Test::Meta
    - load or class test

sub find-external-mods-used
  - determine external modules used by the module being analyzed

sub write-meta6-json
  - rewrite the META6.json file (create a backup copy)
    - ensure depends and test depends are correct

sub write-dist-ini
  - rewrite the dist.ini file (create a backup copy)
    - IMPORTANT ensure the convert to pod is turned OFF until manually changed

  - check for the Unicode Copyright symbol [Copyright  &#x00A9; 2020 <author>] in the source pod
    for the README.md file
    - report results

  - use prompts where need be


Tom Browder tom.browder@gmail.com


The very useful Raku modules used herein:


Copyright © 2020 Tom Browder

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.