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Being a lazy programmer, I refactor chunks of code I find useful into a module; whence comes this collection of Perl 6 subroutines I have written during my coding adventures using Perl 5's new little sister. I hope they will be useful to others.

The routines are described in detail in ALL-SUBS which shows a short description of each exported routine along along with its complete signature.

This module also includes a utility program in the bin directory.


This version is 0.*.* which is considered usable but may not be ready for production. The APIs are subject to change in which case the version major number will be updated. Note that newly added subroutines or application programs are not considered a change in API.


For debugging, use one of the following methods:

:$Text::More::DEBUG = True;

Subroutines Exported by the :ALL Tag

See ALL-SUBS for a list of export(:ALL) subroutines, each with a short description along with its complete signature. Note that individual subroutines may also be exported:

use Text::More :ALL;
use Text::More :strip-comment;

Utility Program

See the bin directory for a utility program (create-md.p6) to create a README.md file for modules.

Executing it without any arguments results in the following:

Usage: ./create-md.p6 -m <file> | -b <bin dir> | -h [-d <odir>, -N, -M <max>, -D] Reads the input module (or program files in the bin dir) and extracts properly formatted comments into markdown files describing the subs and other objects contained therein. Output files are created in the output directory (-d <dir>) if entered, or the current directory otherwise. Subroutine signature lines are folded into a nice format for the markdown files unless the user uses the -N (no-fold) option. The -M <max> option specifies a user-desired maximum line length for folding. The signature is output as a code block. In program files, the comments are folded into lines no longer than the maximum line length. If the program has a help option (-h), the result of that command will be added to the output as a code block. See the lib/Text and bin directories for a module file and a program with the known formats. The markdown files in the docs directory in this repository were created with this program from those files. Modes (select one only): -m <module file> -b <bin directory> -h help Options: -d <output directory> default: current directory -M <max line length> default: 78 -N do NOT format or modify sub signature lines to max length -v verbose -D debug


Interested users are encouraged to contribute improvements and corrections to this module, and pull requests, bug reports, and suggestions are always welcome.


The commify subroutine is based on the subroutine of the same name found in the Perl Cookbook.


Artistic 2.0. See LICENSE.

Copyright (C) 2017 Thomas M. Browder, Jr. <tom.browder@gmail.com>