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Revision history for JSON-Fast

0.19  2023-04-30T22:38:25+02:00
    - Allow Callable with :sorted-keys argument

0.18  2023-04-30T21:48:05+02:00
    - Add support for JSONC (aka JSON with C-style comments)

0.17  2022-02-10T18:40:34+01:00
    - Add :immutable parameter to "from-json"
    - Document :enums-as-value parameter to "to-json"
    - Allow for changing default values in use statement

0.16  2021-05-29T23:57:47+02:00
    - Jsonify FatRat objects as floating point numbers

0.15  2020-08-13T18:43:26+02:00
    - When both match, prefer Associative over Positional

0.14  2020-07-26T23:55:00+02:00
    - Make sure hash keys are escaped again

0.13  2020-07-21T00:28:54+02:00
    - Include lizmat's much faster rewrite of parsing code, about 4.4x as fast
    - Reword some error messages

0.12  2020-07-08T21:03:47+02:00
    - Make sure object-keyed hashes stringify keys

0.11  2020-07-08T20:38:47+02:00
    - Fix rejecting valid escape sequences sometimes
    - Fix escaping \f and \b

0.10  2019-08-30T16:47:12+02:00
    - Enums now consistently jsonify as their keys
    - Add :enums-as-values to override enum jsonification
      to give values instead of keys.

0.9.18  2019-07-02T03:05:24+02:00
    - More significant improvement of to-json speed

0.9.17  2019-07-02T02:47:36+02:00
    - Slight improvement of to-json speed

0.9.16  2019-07-01T19:18:14+02:00
    - :!pretty now promises only a single line of output.

0.9.15  2019-07-01T00:34:29+02:00
    - Enums jsonify as a string of their short name again.

0.9.14  2019-06-27T01:51:50+02:00
    - Nonpretty output doesn't need a space between keys and values
    - Unexpected extra data after parse now gives a structured exception
      including the parsed data so far, and the position parsing ended,
      so that multiple documents in a file can be parsed just fine.

0.9.13  2019-06-07T20:54:16+02:00
    - Fix pretty output for empty arrays/hashes
    - Include lizmat's much faster to-json implementation