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ENIGMA::Machine is a (simple) Perl 6 module to implement an Enigma machine.

Quick example

Daily key sheet sample:

#Tag |   Walzenlage    |  Ringstellung  |     Steckerverbindungen      |   Umkehrwalze   |
31    I      II     III     09 05 17      DC OM GI HB RN KJ LV XS YU WZ      B
30    Gamma  III    VI      U  L  O       AE CM DX GV HO IP KQ LW NY RT      B-Thin

Entire key sheet

Received (fictitious) message:

NYZ DE WAS 2300 = 16 = WMD BDH =


This message was encrypted on day 31. In the original messages, FRUTA would be the block that contained the message indicator which was used to verify the settings for the day and ignored during the decryption. Our key sheet doesn't have it so we cannot verify anything. Furthermore, it's not really needed to decode the actual message (which is anything that follows it).

Information gathered from the key sheet and the received message:

Enigma: I
Umkehrwalze (reflector): B
Walzenlage (wheel order): I II III
Ringstellung (ring setting): 9 5 17
Steckern (plugs): DC OM GI HB RN KJ LV XS YU WZ
Grundstellung (start position): WMD
Message key: BDH

Using the module to decrypt the encrypted message:

use ENIGMA::Machine;

# set up machine according to the daily key sheet:
my $machine =  Machine.from-key-sheet(
    rotors => 'I II III',
    ring-settings => '9 5 17',
    reflector-setting => 'B',
    plugboard-setting => 'DC OM GI HB RN KJ LV XS YU WZ',

# set machine initial star position

# decrypt the message key
my $msg-key = $machine.process-text('BDH');

# set machine to decoded message key

# decrypt the ciphertext
my $plaintext = $machine.process-text('EBBVDRWEZRVHAFJL');

say $plaintext;

Installation and Info

To install:

To uninstall:

$ zef uninstall ENIGMA::Machine

To get information (after installation) about the module's components:

$ p6doc ENIGMA::Machine
$ p6doc ENIGMA::Machine::Rotor
$ p6doc ENIGMA::Machine::Factory


For more information about the module, head over to ENIGMA::Machine's wiki.


The source code is available under the MIT License.

See LICENSE for further details.