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# interrogate styling rules for various XHTML tags and attributes use CSS::TagSet::XHTML; my CSS::TagSet::XHTML $tag-set .= new; # show styling for various XHTML tags say $tag-set.tag-style('i'); # font-style:italic; say $tag-set.tag-style('b'); # font-weight:bolder; say $tag-set.tag-side('th'); # display:table-cell; # styling for <image width="200px" height="250px"/> say $tag-set.tag-style('img', :width<200px>, :height<250px>); # height:250px; width:200px;


This module implements tag specific styling rules for several markup languages, including XHTML, Pango and Tagged-PDF.

The tag-style method returns a computed LCSS::Properties object based on a tag name plus any additional attributes.

The default styling for given tags can be adjusted via the base-style method:

say $tag-set.tag-style('small'); # font-size:0.83em; $tag-set.base-style('small').font-size = '0.75em'; say $tag-set.tag-style('small'); # font-size:0.75em;

base-style can also be used to define styling for simple new tags:

$tag-set.base-style('shout').text-transform = 'upppercase'; say $tag-set.tag-style('shout'); # text-transform:upppercase;