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0.3.8 2021-07-02T13:22:29+12:00 - Add $face.index-from-glyph-name() method - Hide ft-try() subroutine and face() method from backtrace. 0.3.7 - Allow Font::FreeType face() and version() methods to be called at the class level. In particular allow `Font::FreeType.face(..)` rather than `Font::FreeType.new.face(...)` - port examples/magick.raku from Perl - Add :%callbacks option to Font::FreeType::Outline.decompose() method. Option ported from the Perl outline_decompose() method. - Add native method ft6_bitmap_get_pixels(). Speed up the bitmap pixels method. Improve the performance of bin/font-say examples/magick.raku, etc 0.3.6 - Rename GlyphImage bold() method to set-bold(). - Add methods iterate-glyphs(), iterate-chars(). 0.3.5 - Add TT_OS2 panose() and achVendID() accessors. Also TT_PCLT typeface() and fileName() accessors 0.3.4 - Corrections to TT_PCLT record structure and TT_Post.italicAngle() accessor 0.3.3 - Added Font::FreeType::Raw::TT_SFnt - mappings to raw TrueType font tables 0.3.2 - Documentation fixes #5 - Add method $face.glyph-name-from-index 0.3.1 - Documentation changes 0.3.0 - native -> raw in class names and attributes. Follow lead of LibXML -- Font::FreeType::Native -> Font::FreeeType::Raw -- $obj.native -> $obj.raw As LibXML demonstrates, the outer classes can also use native representations, mostly for performance reasons. 0.2.3 - Convert documentation to github pages. New documentation root is https://pdf-raku.github.io/Font-FreeType-raku 0.2.2 - Rename sources *.pm -> *.rakumod 0.2.1 - Rename Font::FreeType::Types to Font::FreeType::Defs and add exports $FT-LIB, $FT-WRAPPER-LIB and $CLIB 0.2.0 - Generate documentation (markdown) to docs/ directory 0.1.9 - Fix existing deprecations. Also deprecate newly introduced unbox() accessor in favour of native(). 0.1.8 - Re-enable freeing of the Freetype library in DESTROY - Deprecate $freetype/$face struct() method in favour of unbox() 0.1.7 - Added $face.forall-glyphs method. Ported from Perl 5 version 0.0.7. - Added Glyph 'stat' and 'error' methods. Leaving it to the caller to detect and raise errors. - Fixed $glyph.name method on unmapped glyphs. - Fixed on debian 9+ testing, which has withdrawn the freetype-config executable (issue #3). 0.1.6 Fix t/10metrics_postscript.t to pass on FreeType2 2.9.1+. 0.1.5 Fix protoypes for FT_Get_First_Char, FT_Get_Next_Char 0.1.4 - Fix premature destruction of Font-Library e.g. this is dangerous: my $vera = Font::FreeType.new.face('t/fonts/Vera.ttf'); The anonymous font library instance could get destroyed also destroying the underlying struct for the still-live $vera face. Added a $.ft-lib property to face that references to library class to avoid it's destruction. Also added $.face property to BitMap, CharMap, Glyph and GlyphImage to indirectly keep the library from being destroyed if any of these sub-objects exist. 0.1.3 - Renamed C wrapper functions and sources ft_* -> ft6_*. 0.1.2 - Fixed Font::FreeType::Native.Str on Rakudo bleed 2018.11+ 0.1.1 - Move resources/lib to resources/libraries. Build improvements. See https://gist.github.com/ugexe/ec5fe910d3187c46a4f8e634423cb4ea 0.1.0 - Perl 6.d syntax fix 0.0.9 - $face.charmaps now returns a Slip (was Array) 0.0.8 - adjust to latest zef. Return True from Build method 0.0.7 - Fixed compilation warning on latest Rakudo - Fix problematic test (issue #1) 0.0.6 - Fixed compilation error on latest Rakudo 0.0.5 - Rename examples/font-say.pl bin/font-say - Don't call FT_Reference_Face, which will cause memory leakage. 0.0.4 - Add missing build dependency on LibraryMake 0.0.3 - Documentation tweaks 0.0.2 - Fix Build.pm META6. 0.0.1 - Initial release