Rand Stats


v0.0.5  2021/28/08
    * Fix a bug in event handlers
    * Add QSlider, QDial, QCheckBox and QRadioButton classes
    * Add sliders.raku example
v0.0.4  2021/08/16
    * Fix corrupt strings returned by methods from the Qt API
    * Fix signal/slot to/from Qt with non default arguments
    * Add a few methods in QTextEdit
    * Update an old example a add a new one

v0.0.3  2021/08/04
    * Fix guessuse which was missing QApplication
    * Add QResizeEvent and some associated methods
    * Add QFileDialog.getOpenFileName and QFileDialog.getSaveFileName static
    * Update examples

v0.0.2  2021/07/18
    * First released version
    * Implement the Qt signal/slot mechanism
    * Implement the subclassing and overriding mechanism
    * Implement a minimum of Qt classes and methods