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2019-04-30  Juan J. merelo  

	* Dockerfile: This version is also able to install dependencies needed to test in the Dockerfile. This is not a code, but only a Dockerfile change.

	* lib/Test/Script/Output.pm6: Factors out the output-extraction routine.
	This is version 0.0.4, whose main improvement is to be able to test file-library combos, with "use lib" statements (which errored in the previous version). 

2019-04-13  Juan J. merelo  

	* t/changes.p6: Adds this file for testing scripts with use v6

2019-03-20  Juan J. merelo  

	* README.md (Test): Adds the possibility of testing by regex, instead of plain output 

Revision history for Test-Script-Output

    - Initial version