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Toi art by Cecilia Merelo

"Toi" is a colloquial/slang for "Estoy", or "I am", in Spanish. This is a base class to register an unique ID and position in a classroom or other , with the main target of traceability in case of a COVID-19 positive.

Unique IDs are used instead of names so that it's easy to use from, for instance, Telegram; coordinates would, in general, correspond to desk positions but the main idea is that they are stored so that you can search for persons with the highest infection likelihood.

Installing and running

Toi can be installed form the ecosystem, with zef install Toi

You will need, however, to install the Telegram distribution from the ecosystem, and obtain a bot key from Telegram to start the toi command -line interface.

export TOI_BOT_TOKEN=<token provided by The Botfather>
toi <file-to-store-positions>

You will need to add the bot you've created to a group, or else tell the students to interact with it.

My use case is I use it from my laptop during class, clarifying the coordinates and how they work.


We're open to contributions. For instance, a REST API or a websockets API would be nice.


Licensed under the Artistic 2.0 License.