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Wikidata API in Perl 6

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Perl6 module to query the wikidata API. Install it the usual way

zef install Wikidata::API

Use it:

  use Wikidata::API;

  my $query = q:to/END/;
SELECT ?person ?personLabel WHERE {
    ?person wdt:P69 wd:Q1232180 . 
    ?person wdt:P21 wd:Q6581072 . 
    SERVICE wikibase:label { 
      bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "en" .
} ORDER BY ?personLabel

  my $UGR-women = query( $query );

  my $to-file= q:to/END/;
SELECT ?person ?personLabel ?occupation ?occupationLabel WHERE {
  ?person wdt:P69 wd:Q1232180. 
  ?person wdt:P21 wd:Q6581072.
  ?person wdt:P106 ?occupation
  SERVICE wikibase:label {				
    bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "es" .

  spurt "ugr-women-by-job.sparql", $to-file;
  say query-file( $to-file );

There are a few SPARQL queries you can try in this other repo

Download one query from that repo to test the command-line utility that will be installed too

wdq.p6 one-query-or-other.sparql

See also

This module is tested using the test-perl6 Docker container. Check out the Travis configuration file for usage.