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This is an embryo of a NativeCall port of the kazmath library.

kazmath is low-level library for manipulation of graphics primitives. It's similar to others graphics libraries such as OpenGL, but it's simpler and , in some cases, faster.


You need to install kazmath from source (URL above), compiling it. Follow the instructions to create a shared library.

Then you xan install this from this source or via

zef install kazmath


Since only some functions have been ported, basically you can rotate a vector , like this:

    my mat4 $one-mat .= new;
    my mat4 $turn-pi = kmMat4RotationY($one-mat, pi/2);
    say $turn-pi;
    my vec4 $out .= new;
    my vec4 $in  .= new(1.Num, 0.Num, 0.Num, 1.Num);
    my vec4 $result = kmVec4Transform( $out, $in, $turn-pi);
    say $result;

See also

Tutorial for NativeCall

Also, this has been built mainly to be used as a recipe in the upcoming Raku Recipes book by APress. Check out all Raku titles in Apress such as this one.

If you want to create a Dockerfile with kazmath, check out the download-and-compile-kazmath.sh included in this repo.


This module is licensed under the Artistic 2.0 License (the same as Raku itself )