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Common mathematical sequences for Perl 6

Install this file using

zef install Math::Sequences

Included components

Support routines

These routines and operators are defined to support the definition of the sequences. Because they're not the primary focus of this library, they may be moved out into some extrnal library in the future...

Integer support routines

To gain access to these, use:

use Math::Sequences::Integer :support;

About Unicode

This library uses a few non-ASCII Unicode characters that are widely used within the mathematical community. They are entirely optional, however, and if you wish to use their ASCII equivalents this table will help you out:

(the following assume use Math::Sequences::Integer; use Math::Sequences::Real;)

The following, respectively, are defined 'ASCII equivalent' constants for each of the above:

Entering symbols

To enter each of these Unicode symbols, here are common shortcuts in vim and emacs:


See the examples directory for usage.