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This is a simple module inspired by a request from codesections to have a version of say that would also return its value. Normally, say returns True, but especially when debugging, it can be nice to replace

method foo {
   say [long expression];
   return [long expression];
# or when there are side effects
method foo {
   my $temp = [long expression];
   say $temp;
   return $temp;

with something much simpler:

method yay {
   transay [long expression]

This will take the value of [long expression], say it, and then return the value (which is itself returned by the method).

This can work nicely if you have a math equation and you want to check the value at just a certain step:

use Debug::Transput;
my $a = 1;
my $b = 2;
my $c = transay($a) + transay($b);
say $c;

# 1  - from transay
# 2  - from the other transay
# 3  - from normal say

There are three variants that mirror the normal three operations for output:

Version history

Copyright 2020 Matthew ‘Matéu’ Stephen Stuckwisch. Licensed under the Artist Licence 2.0. (But honestly, this is crazy simple, feel free to modify and embed directly in a module rather than depending on this, no need to give credit for the code if part of a larger project).