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A Raku module containing data (as well as some support routines) based on IANA's TZ database

Current IANA database version: 2022a


There are three exported subs that will be the most commonly used. Advanced users may wish to view the Routines submodule for more options.

All methods work on times with integral seconds. It is left to the end user to handle any fractional seconds.

Class reference


A Raku version of the POSIX tm struct (with BSD/GNU extension). Attributes include

The infinite ranged elements aren't actually that as they're stored as int32.


A Raku version of tz's state struct. It will be made more easily introspectable in the future. For now, these are the attributes:


The data comes from IANA's tz database.


Version history

Copyright and license

The tz database and the code in it is public domain. Therefore, the author of this module (Matthew Stephen Stuckwisch) would find it unconscionable to release this module under any license, even for his own additions. Consequently, this module is similarly expressly released into the public domain. For jurisdictions where that is not possible, this module may be considered © 2021–2022 and licensed under CC0 v1.0 (see accompanying license file).