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Calorie tracker and diet planner


Count calories

In sustenance.toml:

# pantry [[food]] name = 'rolled-oats' serving-size = '100g' protein = 13.2 carbs = 67.7 fat = 6.5 # meals [[meal]] date = 2018-05-31 time = 10:15:00 # eat 150g rolled oats [[meal.portion]] food = 'oats' servings = 1.5


export RAKULIB=lib bin/sustenance --date=2018-05-31 gen-macros sustenance.toml


use Sustenance; my Date $date .= new('2018-05-31'); Sustenance.new(:file<sustenance.toml>).gen-macros($date);

Make a diet plan

Make a diet plan for a lightly active male athlete, age 31, weighing 59 kg at 175.26 cm.


export RAKULIB=lib bin/sustenance \ --weight=59.4206 \ --height=175.26 \ --age=31 \ --gender=male \ --activity-level=lightly-active \ gen-diet-plan


use Sustenance::DietPlan; Sustenance::DietPlan.new( :weight(59), :height(175.26), :age(31), :gender<male>, :activity-level<lightly-active> ).gist;


Calorie tracking

Processes daily caloric intake from TOML meal journal formatted per the synopsis (see also: doc/sample-pantry.toml).

The Sustenance meal journal must consist of at least one food entry and at least one meal entry.

Each food entry must have:

key | description | value --- | --- | --- name | name of food | string serving-size | serving size | string protein | grams of protein per serving | number carbs | grams of total carbohydrates¹ per serving | number fat | grams of fat per serving | number

Each food entry may have:

key | description | value --- | --- | --- aka | alternative name by which food is known | string aka | alternative names by which food is known | array of strings fiber | grams of total fiber² per serving | number fiber | grams of total fiber per serving, $insoluble-fiber / $total-fiber | array of floats or array of integers alcohol | grams of alcohol per serving | number source | source of macronutrient data | string

Each meal entry must have:

key | description | value --- | --- | --- date | yyyy-mm-dd | date time | hh:mm:ss | time portion | see below | array of hashes

Each meal portion must have:

key | description | value --- | --- | --- food | name of food | string servings | number of servings of food | number

¹: total carbohydrates includes all types of carbohydrates - sugars, sugar alcohols, starches and dietary fiber - per USA food labels (see: international food labeling differences)

²: total fiber includes both soluble and insoluble fiber

Diet planning

Creates rudimentary diet plan for weight maintenance, muscle gains and fat loss.

First estimates Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) with the Mifflin St Jeor equation.

Then estimates Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) by taking the product of BMR and the appropriate Katch-McArdle multiplier for a given activity level.

Adds 250-500 calories on top of TDEE to estimate caloric intake requirements for muscle gains.

Subtracts 250-500 calories from TDEE to estimate caloric intake requirements for fat loss.

Recommends obtaining 1.4-1.6 grams of protein per kilogram body weight.

Recommends obtaining 20-35% of daily calories from healthy sources of fat.

Recommends obtaining remainder of daily calories from healthy sources of carbohydrates.




This is free and unencumbered public domain software. For more information, see http://unlicense.org/ or the accompanying UNLICENSE file.