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A client library for the Ridiculously Simple Configuration System. https://github.com/bradclawsie/rscs

(also available at gitlab: https://gitlab.com/bradclawsie/rscs)

RSCS only stores keys and values and only allows simple CRUD operations. It is supposed to underwhelm you.

This library is a Perl6 client for RSCS.


# Assuming you have rscs running on port 8081.

use v6;
use DB::Rscs;

my $rscs = DB::Rscs.new(addr=>'http://localhost:8081');
my $val = 'val1';
my $key = 'key1';
my %out = $rscs.get($key);
say %out{$VALUE_KEY};
$rscs.update($key,'a new val');


DB::Rscs has a unit test file that will only be run in full through the Travis CI link https://travis-ci.org/bradclawsie/DB-Rscs which is the target of the build badge above. During installation via zef the full test suite is not run since it requires a local executable copy of the rscs daemon (https://travis-ci.org/bradclawsie/rscs), which I do not want to retrieve as part of the zef library install process. I expect users will obtain this program on their own using the command go get github.com/bradclawsie/rscs.

If you wish to run the unit tests after installation, just set the environment variables TRAVIS and CI to be true and rerun the tests.


Brad Clawsie (PAUSE:bradclawsie, email:brad@b7j0c.org)


This module is licensed under the BSD license, see: https://b7j0c.org/stuff/license.txt