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The Chemistry::Elements Raku module

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The Perl 5 version of Chemistry::Elements was my first module, so I'm making it my first Raku module too. It's not complicated.

The module maps between element names (e.g. Rubidium), symbol (e.g. Ru ), and number (e.g. 37). It's multi-language aware although the language switching isn't sophisticated yet.

This project is under Artistic 2.0 license.

Contributing Guidelines

Fork, edit, and pull request!

If you think you'll have big changes, create a GitHub issue and lets talk about it.

I'm looking at a future feature that includes the ability to translate between languages and things like that. If you'd like to add a language file, drop it in lib/Chemistry/Languages/. Make the first line a comment that lists the language codes. See lib/Chemistry/Languages/en.txt for example.

Good luck!


brian d foy, bdfoy@cpan.org