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perl6-Cache-LRU - Simple, fast implementation of LRU cache in pure perl

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use Cache::LRU;

my $cache = Cache::LRU.new(size => 1024);

$cache.set($key, $value);
# Or $cache{$key} = $value

my $value = $cache.get($key);

my $removed_value = $cache.remove($key);
# Or $cache{$key}:delete


Cache::LRU is a simple, fast implementation of an in-memory LRU cache in pure perl.

This class implements the associative interface, so in most cases it can be used as a regular Hash.


Cache::LRU.new(size => $max_num_of_entries)

Creates a new cache object. Takes a hash as the only argument. The only parameter currently recognized is the "size" parameter that specifies the maximum number of entries to be stored within the cache object. size is default 1024.


Returns the cached object if exists, or undef otherwise.

$cache.set($key, $value)

Stores the given key-value pair.


Removes data associated to the given key and returns the old value, if any.


Removes all entries from the cache.