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Turn a lazy list into an auto-threading lazy list.


use v6;
use Concurrent::Channelify;

my \l1 = (10_000_000..10_100_000).grep({.is-prime});

for my $c := channelify(l1) {
    $c.channel.close if $_ > 10_010_000;
    say $_

my \l2 = <a b c>;

for l2⇒ {
    say $_



sub channelify(Positional:D, :$no-thread = False)

Return a new lazy list that is turned into a Channel. If no-thread is True do not start a thread to generate values. The environment variable RAKUDO_MAX_THREAD with a value smaller then 2 has the same effect then no-thread, if set before the use-statement is executed.

The channel can be accessed by calling the mixed in method channel. Closing the channel will force the lazy list to stop producing values and kill the associated thread.

To query if a thread was started call the mixed in method no-thread.

postfix ⇒

see sub channelify