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Write xhtml elements utilising named arguments to guard against typos. Colons in names of XHTML attributes are replaced with a hyphen (e.g. xml:lang). Use the the html element names as an import tag or :ALL to get them all. Please note that there is a dd-tag what will overwrite dd from the settings.

The actual module is generated form the official XHTML 1.1 Schema. There is no offical XML Schema for HTML5 (because it isn't XML), if you happen to come a cross one that works please let me know.


use v6;
use XHTML::Writer :ALL;

put html( xml-lang=>'de', 
        div( id=>"uniq",
          p( class=>"abc", 'your text here'),
          p( 'more text' )

With skeleton:

use v6;
use XHTML::Writer :p, :title;
use XHTML::Skeleton;

put xhtml-skeleton(p('Hello Camelia!'), header=>title('Hello Camelia'));

Enable indentation

use Typesafe::XHTML::Writer :writer-shall-indent; # :ALL will work too
writer-shall-indent True;


(c) Wenzel P. P. Peppmeyer, Released under Artistic License 2.0.