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Raku interface to the Imlib2 image library.

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Raku binding for Imlib2, a featureful and efficient image manipulation library, which produces high quality, anti-aliased output.


Note that a recent version of Imlib2 library must be installed before installing this module.

To install with zef:

zef update
zef install Imlib2


WARNING: This module is Work in Progress, which means: this interface is not final. This will perhaps change in the future.

Below is a sample code:

use Imlib2;

my $im = Imlib2.new();
# Create a new raw image.
my $rawimage = $im.create_image(200, 200);
exit() unless $rawimage;

# Sets the current image Imlib2 will be using with its function calls.

# Sets the color with which text, lines and rectangles are drawn when
# being rendered onto an image.
	red   => 255,
	green => 127,
	blue  => 0,
	alpha => 255);

	location => (0, 0),
	size     => (200, 200),
	fill     => True);
unlink("images/test_imlib2.png") if "images/test_imlib2.png".IO ~~ :e;

# Frees the image that is set as the current image in Imlib2's context.



Henrique Dias mrhdias@gmail.com

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This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Raku itself.