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Retry - Retry action


use Retry;

retry { action }, :4max, :2delay;

retry { say 'trying!'; die }, :max(-1), :delay({ constant @fib = 0, 1, *+* ... *; @fib[$++] });


Retry is a module that exports retry sub which takes a Block to retry execute until success and return the result. or in case of Exception, rethrow after max retries.

max defaults to 4. sets the max number of retries. Use Inf, * or integer smaller 0 to retry forever.

delay defaults to 0.2. sets the delay between retries. The delay doubles with every retry. Use a Code object to provide your own stepping. Each call must return a Real.


Thanks to gfldex for improving the module by allowing passing Callable to delay, also allow using Inf and Whatever. and improving tests as well.


Haytham Elganiny elganiny.haytham@gmail.com

Copyright and License

Copyright 2020 Haytham Elganiny

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.