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Roll RPG-style polyhedral dice.


    use Dice::Roller;
    my $dice = Dice::Roller.new("2d6 + 1");
    say $dice.total;    # 4. Chosen by fair dice roll.
    say $dice.total;    # 13


Dice::Roller is the second of my forays into learning Perl 6. The aim is simple - take a "dice string" representing a series of RPG-style dice to be rolled, plus any modifiers, parse it, and get Perl 6 to virtually roll the dice involved and report the total.

It is still under development, but in its present form supports varied dice expressions adding and subtracting fixed modifiers or additional dice, as well as the "keep highest n" notations.



    my $dice = Dice::Roller.new('3d6 + 6 + 1d4');

.new takes a single argument (a dice expression) and returns a Dice::Roller object representing that collection of dice.

The expression syntax used is the shorthand that is popular in RPG systems; rolls of a group of similar dice are expressed as <quantity>d<faces>, so 3d6 is a set of 3 six-sided dice, numbered 1..6. Additional groups of dice with different face counts can be added and subtracted from the total, as well as fixed integer values.

Preliminary support for some "selectors" is being added, and are appended to the dice identifier; rolling '4d6:kh3' stands for roll 4 d6, then keep the highest 3 dice. Selectors supported are:-

Selectors can be chained together, so rolling '4d6:dh1:dl1' will drop the highest and lowest value dice.



Sets all dice in the expression to new random face values. Returns the Dice::Roller object for convenience, so you can do:-

    say $dice.roll.total;


    my $persuade-roll = Dice::Roller.new('1d20 -2').roll;
    my $persuade-check = $persuade-roll.total;

Evaluates the faces showing on rolled dice including any adjustments and returns an Int total for the roll.


Dice::Roller.new throws an exception if the string failed to parse.

This behaviour might change in a future release.


You can get the module to spew out a bit of debugging text by setting $Dice::Roller::debug = True. You can also inspect the Match object in a given roll: say $roll.match.gist;


The most current development version of this module can be found on BitBucket, https://bitbucket.org/jamesneko/dice-roller

It's only on GitHub because of Panda. Don't expect a timely response if you request that I give your git a pull, or whatever.


Copyright 2016 James Clark james@lazycat.com.au

Dice::Roller is Free Software; it is available under the Aristic Licence 2.0. See the LICENSE file for details.