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Text::Slugify - create a URL slug from text.


    use Text::Slugify;

    my $txt;

    $txt = "This is a test ---";
    slugify $txt; 
    #=> «this-is-a-test»

    $txt = 'C\'est déjà l\'été.';
    slugify $txt;
    #= «c-est-deja-l-ete»

    $txt = 'jaja---lol-méméméoo--a';
    slugify $txt, :max-length(9);
    #=> «jaja-lol»

For more examples, have a look at the test file (t/basic.t6).


Text::Slugify is a module to slugify text. It takes a piece of text, removes punctuation, spaces and other unwanted characters to produce a string suitable for use in a URL.


Using zef:

zef update && zef install Text::Slugify

From source:

git clone https://github.com/khalidelboray/raku-text-slugify.git
cd raku-text-slugify && zef install .


The module exports the following subroutines:


    sub slugify(
        Str:D $text is copy,            # Text to be slugified.
        Int:D :$max-length = 0,         # Output string length.
        :$separator = "-",              # Separator between words.
        :$regex-pattern = Nil,          # Regex pattern for allowed characters in output text.
        :@stopwords = [],               # Words to be discounted from output text.
        :@replacements = [],            # List of replacement rule pairs e.g. ['|'=>'or', '%'=>'percent']
        Bool:D :$entities = True, 
        Bool:D :$decimal = True, 
        Bool:D :$hexadecimal = True, 
        Bool:D :$word-boundary = False, 
        Bool:D :$lowercase = True,      # Set case sensitivity by setting it to False.
        Bool:D :$save-order = False,    # If True and max-length > 0 return whole words in the initial order.


    sub smart-truncate(
        Str:D $string is rw,             # String to be modified.
        Int:D :$max-length = 0,          # Output string length.
        Bool:D :$word-boundary = False,  
        Str:D :$separator = " ",         # Separator between words.
        Bool:D :$save-order = False,     # Output text's word order same as input.

NOTE: To import the subroutine smart-truncate or strip alongside slugify into your code, use use Text::Slugify :ALL.


This module is mostly based on Python Slugify.

This is my fork of https://gitlab.com/uzluisf/raku-text-slugify