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Alma Build Status

Alma is a small language created as a testbed for Raku macros. Its goal as a language is to inform the implementation of macros in Raku, by means of being a faster-moving code base and easier to iterate on towards good solutions.

Rakudo already contains a rudimentary implementation of macros, but at this point the most mature macro implementation for Raku is embodied in Alma.

Alma was previously known as "007", in reference to the "Q" data structure which represents program fragments.

Get it

If you're just planning to be a Alma end user, zef is the recommended way to install Alma:

zef install alma

(If you want to install from source, see the documentation.)

Run it

Now this should work:

$ alma -e='say("OH HAI")'

$ alma examples/format.alma


Alma is currently in development.

The explicit goal is to reach some level of feature completeness for macros in Alma, and then to backport that solution to Rakudo.

To learn more about macros:

To learn more about Alma: