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Object::Container - A simple container for object for perl6


Instance method

use Object::Container;

my $container = Object::Container.new;

$container.register('obj1', $obj1);
$container.register('obj2', $obj2);

$container.get('obj1');        # <= equals $obj1
$container.get('obj2');        # <= equals $obj2
$container.get('not-existed'); # <= equals Nil

Class method (singleton)

use Object::Container;

Object::Container.register('obj1', $obj1);
Object::Container.register('obj2', $obj2);

Object::Container.get('obj1');        # <= equals $obj1
Object::Container.get('obj2');        # <= equals $obj2
Object::Container.get('not-existed'); # <= equals Nil


Object::Container is a simple container for object. A simple DI mechanism can be implemented easily by using this module. This module provides following features;


register(Str:D $name, Any:D $object)

Registers the instantiated object with name in the container.

register(Str:D $name, Callable:D $initializer)

Registers the Callable as initializer to instantiate the object with the name in the container. This method instantiates the object with calling Callable. This is a lazy way to instantiate; it means it defers instantiation (i.e. calling Callable) until get(...) is invoked.

my $container = Object::Container.new;
my $initializer = sub {
    # Reach here when `$container.get()` is called (only at once)
    return $something;
$container.register('obj-name', $initializer);

get(Str:D $name) returns Any

Finds the registered object from the container by the name and return it. If the object is missing, it returns Nil.

remove(Str:D $name) returns Bool

Removes the registered object from the container by the name. It returns whether the registered object was existed in the container or not.


Clears the container. In other words, it rewinds the container to its initial state.

Singleton pattern

If you use this module with class method (e.g. Object::Container.register(...)), this module handles the container as singleton object.


moznion moznion@gmail.com


Copyright 2017- moznion

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the Artistic License 2.0.