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jmp - jump to files in your workflow


jmp                                         -- show most recent
jmp to '[<search-terms> ...]'               -- lines matching search terms in files

# jmp on files in command output. For example:
jmp locate README                           -- files in the filesystem
jmp tail /some.log                          -- files mentioned in log files
jmp ls                                      -- files in a directory
jmp find .                                  -- files returned from the find command
jmp git status                              -- files in git
jmp perl test.pl                            -- Perl output and errors
jmp raku test.raku                          -- Raku output and errors

jmp config                                  -- edit ~/.jmp config to set the editor
                                            -- and search commands
jmp help                                    -- show this help

jmp edit <filename> [<line-number>]         -- start editing at a line number
jmp edit <filename> '[<search-terms> ...]'  -- start editing at a matching line